I am so angry!

my brother got my birthday party canceled ! Now i can not have a party just because of him! We were gonna decorate turkeys with feathers and all storts of crafts.Right now in this game Club Penguin ( my brother told me about it!) this Polar Bear Herbert has struck! He made CB completely dark and is using the entire amount of sunlight for himself! Now in CB you can go to Herberts Cave and try to find what they tell you to do for a mission.The only problem is if you do not have a accout yet when you make one you have to be a secret agent and that is super hard.Now it is hard because the Elight Penguin Force is on fire because of Herbert.That is all for now on CB here is a tip and under comments there will be the website to Club Penguin,Here is a tip: To get into Herberts Layer you have to have a grappling hook.

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